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Organic Unrefined  Shea Butter
Organic Unrefined  Shea Butter
Organic Unrefined  Shea Butter
Organic Unrefined  Shea Butter
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Shea Butter varies in color naturally form a buttery yellow to an Ivory color...Our shea butter is handpacked. Not whipped and NEVER REFINED! as all natural products vary, so does shea butter. Unrefined shea butter will not be bright yellow unless a root dye extract has been added to it, COLOR IS NOT AN INDICATOR OF AGE WE DO NOT SELL BRIGHT YELLOW SHEA BUTTER Only butters as shown above in their natural states without additives. Color of your butter will range in color based on the harvest time of the shea nuts, but our butter is always fresh straight from the cooperative and as always fair traded :-) We also have recyclable, reusable plastic containers to store your bulk butter purchases. Packaging for half pound shea will come packaged in tubs and other packaging for larger sizes may vary as we work to reduce waste.

100% Organic Unrefined Fairly Traded Shea Butter

Shea has a variety of uses but is famously used as a skin moisturiser and treatment for certain skin conditions like excema, diaper rashes, sun burns, stretch marks and more. Shea butter is also used widely in hair preparations as a conditioner, sealant and moisturiser and can be used alone or mixed with other butters and oils.

Store shea butter in a cool, dry place for up to 2 years without any demise to the butter. It can also be kept in its original packaging and frozen for approximately 5 years. Please Note Packaging May Vary.