We're committed to offering you the absolute BEST OF THE BEST and now we're proud to share with you the JOYS of Pachamama Coffees

Premium coffee directly from family farmers.

Based in California, The Pachamama Coffee Cooperative of Small-Scale Coffee Producers is a unique global cooperative that is wholly-owned and controlled by small-scale coffee farmers around the world. We love Pacha-Coop because Pachamama’s member-cooperatives represent tens of thousands of families in Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and Ethiopia.

Buying organic coffee directly from farmers means better coffee for you, a better life for the farm family and a healthier environment for us all.


Pachamama distributes freshly roasted coffee web-direct and wholesale to select retailers. The Freshest organic coffee is roasted in small batches in California WHICH MEANS YOU'RE GETTING FRESHLY ROASTED BEANS NOT BEANS THAT HAVE BEEN SITTING ON THE SHELF FOR "WHO KNOWS" HOW LONG...and that's important. Fresher beans give you a better coffee not only for your cup but also for those sexy DIY coffee scrubs, and rubs you love to whip up!