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Organic Moringa Loose Tea Blends (75 grams)

Organic Moringa Loose Tea Blends (75 grams)
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Moringa leaves naturally provide more essential nutrients than even the best multivitamin on the market and now you can have that same benefit in a soothing, refreshing herbal tea.

Experience a sip of sweet flavorful and refreshing peppermint or zesty ginger in the evening after your meal to help digestion.

Organic Moringa Peppermint Blend is a sweet flavorful minty Organic Moringa Peppermint tea, A great tea to jump-start your day and commute into work. Precisely it calms and relaxes the muscles along the intestinal tract, thus reducing spasms. A highly satisfying cool voluminous tea acts as a stress buster, gives you a recuperative power to the mind and body.

Organic Moringa Ginger Tea an exotic blend of premium Moringa leaf, ginger root and lemongrass. Combined with great health benefits of Moringa, it is a wonderful soothing and calming tea for your stomach and digestion.

This is an excellent combination works as a digestive tonic as well gentle cleansers, detoxifies your entire system.

This flavorful organic Moringa ginger tea blend is a great remedy for appetite loss, indigestion and motion sickness. Moringa helps you rest better at night and helps get you going in the morning so drink to your health, you deserve it!

Flush out your body toxins;

lose weight healthy & lower (LDL) cholesterol level;

Boosts your Immune system, body metabolism;

Get increased energy;

Soothing & Cleansing

Supports stomach & digestion

Helps weight loss and obesity

ALL Organic Freeze Dried, Caffeine Free loose leaf tea blend

Daily needed essential nutrient supply

All Natural Vitamins & Minerals

Rich in Antioxidants

Contains all essential Amino acids

Abundant health benefits of Moringa “Miracle Tree”

100% Certified Organic

100% Safe, Natural & Nutritive Tea Supplement

For more information on Moringa See our supplements page!!

Moringa Peppermint Tea:Organic Moringa Leaf, Organic Peppermint Leaf

Moringa Ginger Tea:Organic Moringa Leaf, Organic Ginger, Orgqanic Lemongrass

Pour Boiling water directly over loose tea or fill a tea ball or tea strainer with 1 tablespoon moringa leaf blend per 8 oz water.

Steep 3-5 minutes

Strain or remove tea ball/mesh strainer from cup. Sweeten if desired and Enjoy! **Moringa Leaf Blends should not be taken with milk