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Jamila Henna for Hair

Jamila Henna for Hair
Jamila Henna for Hair
Jamila Henna for Hair
Price: $5.99
Item #: jamila-henna
1 - 4 pieces$5.99 ea.
5 - 9 pieces$5.50 ea.
10 + pieces$5.00 ea.

Henna for Hair-Most people who want to use henna as a conditioning treatment and aren't looking for dramatic color results should choose henna for hair. The hair pics above show dark brown hair treated with Jamila Henna for Hair and it creates beautifully conditioned hair with very subtle highlights.

Body Art Quality Henna (aka bridal stash, bridal quality, etc) is for People who crave a little more coloring from their henna in addition to conditioning should go for body art quality henna. This henna is triple sifted and allows for more penetration of the hair shaft which means more color.

100% Pure Henna Powder(lawsonia Inermis) A Product of Pakistan

It's pretty easy, henna powder plus an acid equals dye release!! So once you choose your henna, you can choose any acid like lemon juice, orange juice, coconut milk, honey , green tea, even cocoa powder or amla to get your henna to release color. You can use as little as 2 tablespoons of any acid to get dye release and make your henna the consistency of yogurt by adding pure water to your mixture. Warm to room temp ingredients make henna easier to mix. Cover your paste and wait for dye release! If using henna for hair you can use a weaker acid or even water to get less color.

Henna can be stored in it's original packaging in a cool, dry place for up to 3 years