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Virgin Organic Coconut oil
Virgin Organic Coconut oil
Price: $6.99
Item #: org-virgin-coconutoil

Coconut Oil is the multi-tasker of natural products. Can be used alone or mixed, makes a 'light' moisturizer non clogging, wonderful conditioner for 'stressed hair. Great on skin as well.Coconut Oil is also useful in weight loss when used for cooking or as a dietary supplement Cold Pressed.

100% Virgin Organic Coconut Oil an all natural Product of Phillipines and Indonesia

Virgin Coconut Oil can be used alone as a light daily moisturiser, a sealant and conditioner for most hair types. It can also be used as a skin moisturiser as it absorbs easily (but does give a bit of a shine). Coconut Oil can be taken internally as a daily supplement and can also be used as a fat substitute for cooking to aid in weight loss and overall improvement of health

Best if Used within 18 months after date of purchase. Always store your oils and butters in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures to avoid rancidity and extend shelf life. Virgin coconut oil can be refrigerated but becomes liquid at temperatures higher than 76 degrees (so when it gets hot expect your coconut oil to arrive as a liquid and in cooler temps it will arrive solid to semi solid). It readily melts on contact with skin which makes it easy to use.